General Terms of Membership

This is a summary of the terms of membership as set out in the AAAI Constitution (Section 5.6).

  1. Membership is only available once full payment of all fees and outstanding amounts has been completed.
  2. All AAAI members agree to abide by the AAAI Code of Conduct.
  3. All AAAI members agree to actively promote the intent and spirit of the Constitution and the Code of Conduct. These documents will be provided to each candidate as part of their application kit by explicit inclusion, or by reference to a publicly accessible web site from which the documents may be obtained.
  4. All AAAI members will be required to annually re-qualify for membership by declaring compliance with, and agreement to, all relevant membership qualification requirements.
  5. All AAAI members and their individual participating investors, agents and representatives, recognise and respect the confidential nature of members’ information and agree to maintain such confidentiality.
  6. All AAAI members recognise and agree that certain information regarding the member, or member organisation, may be made publicly available in accordance with the AAAI Constitution and the Privacy Act.
  7. All members will cooperate with the AAAI, as requested, in the promotion of the AAAI objectives, including the response to AAAI research surveys.
  8. AAAI membership renewal will be on a common annual renewal date for all members.
  9. AAAI membership may be terminated, or membership revoked should it be determined that a member has become illegible due to:
    1. An Angel member being inactive in angel investment for more than twelve (12) consecutive months, defined by the
      failure to attend any group meetings in that time for the purpose of review and analysis of potential angel
    2. Any member, or member agent, or representative breaching any term of AAAI membership.