Membership Application


Submitting the application form will indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the AAAI Constitution, the AAAI Code of Conduct and the General Terms of Membership. Read Code of Conduct.

You will be confirming that you understand the objectives of the AAAI, as summarised below, are to:

  • Promote ethical and efficient Angel investment and Angel syndication in Australia.
  • Promote the growth of Angel investment in Australia, including encouraging and informing the establishment of new Angel syndicates.
  • Define best practice for Angel investor members in an Australian context.
  • Disseminate information on and access to formally recognised syndication models.
  • Be a source and channel for information and education of Angel investors and entrepreneurs seeking Angel investment.
  • Represent the interests of Angel investor members in Australia as a peak body in dialogues with governments, peers and industry.
  • Represent members internationally in dialogues with peers, industry and governments.
  • Act as a channel for information and opinion from members to form the basis of advice to Government.
  • Assist with, and direct, research into Australian Angel investment activities.
  • Organise and hold an annual summit conference on topics relevant to members.

The AAAI is not currently accepting new memberships. If you would like to be considered for membership when we re-open the membership roll please send a message to

Check which category of membership is right for you, consider the benefits of membership and review the General Terms of membership.